The MotorSport Ranch is excited to announce our new Club Race Series coming in 2019.  For the first time ever, MSR will have wheel to wheel competitive racing during our member days.

  • The series is to be run on Fridays, about once a month, with the first event being set for Friday, March 15th The first series will include 7 races concluding in September.
  • The series will have 2 classes; Spec Miata, and Spec Boxster (sorry that’s all for now).
  • The series will take place during a regular member day, and there will be a qualifying and a race on each event day. Participants can run member sessions before the timed events.   Qualifying will take place around 3:00PM, with the feature race being after the last member session, around 4:30PM
  • Current or previous competition race licenses will be required, but for those that do not have a competition license, provisional licenses will be available in a case by case basis, and with completion of our flagging and rules ground school which will be held at a date TBD before the first event. For licensing inquiries email Jack Farr @
  • Series is for Members
  • Each event day cost $200 per driver. A percentage of entry fee will go to prizes.
  • Timing and scoring will use the AMB (mylaps) system and transponders will be required.
  • The goal is to create a fun, local series, where you can race without some of the extra costs that come along with other race series, like travel and transportation expenses. Get your cars ready, and prepare to pass in the corners at MotorSport Ranch!

Q: What else will I need to compete?

  • A Car that meets the criteria
  • A Membership at Motorsport Ranch
  • Appropriate safety gear
  • A racing license, or applicable experience and completion of our licensing program
  1. What is the schedule?
  • March 15th, April 19th, May 17th, June 21st, July 12th, August 23rd, September 13th.
  1. Where do I register?

Q When is the first licensing school?

  • “To be determined” However a school will take place on a date before the first event