MSR Facility

The MotorSport Ranch is a 304 acre facility located 14 miles south of Fort Worth, Texas on Highway 377.

There are two road courses at the Ranch. The 1.7 mile course is 40 feet wide, has eleven turns, and has thirty feet of elevation changes. The 1.3 mile course is 40 feet wide, has seven turns, and has over seventy feet of elevation change! The two courses can be combined to create a 3.1 mile circuit – one of the longest in North America. All three circuits, the 1.7, the 1.3, and the 3.1 mile courses can be run clockwise or counterclockwise.

The clubhouse has meeting rooms, bathrooms, showers, offices, and observation deck.

The Skid Pad is a 200 feet by 200 feet and is a patch of asphalt to be used to warm up tires, run through a couple of gears, check the understeer.

The Auto Storage is currently composed of thirteen buildings totaling 300 garages for those who wish to keep cars or tools at the track. Each garage is 12.5 feet wide by 25 feet deep, has electrical power, air and lights.

The Covered Grid Pad is able to hold 20 cars while staging for the next track session. Designed as much for safety as for comfort, drivers are able to sit in comfort and shade while waiting for their turn on the asphalt.

Numerous shops/businesses are located on the property that specialize in supporting these motoring activities.

Tours are given on Friday, Saturdays and Sunday. Anyone interested in visiting the facility should stop by between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. to witness first hand a new concept in recreational driving.


Club House


Covered Grid Pad
Covered Grid Pad